ToNoIt – New Multi-Level Business That Forecasts BitCoin Trends

Marius Landman launched a business opportunity, so that people who are interested in learning about BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies can earn extra money to invest.
It’s called ToNoIt (formerly Python Signals) from Marius Landman (ToKnowIt).

The name was recently changed from Python Signals. The original name is because Python is a popular programming language that can be used to analyze data. It also one of the favorite languages used by Machine Learning analyst.

Predicting the next price or trend in cryptos or the stock market is usually done by what is called “Technical Analysis”. Technical indicators are heuristic or pattern-based signals produced by the price, volume, and/or open interest of a security or contract used by traders who follow technical analysis. Some of the most common technical indicators are:

  1. Moving Averages
  2. MACD Strategy (Moving Average Convergence Divergence)
  3. Signal Line crossovers
  4. RSI – Relative Strength Index
  5. Bollinger Bands

But Marius doesn’t just use the most common technical indicators. He has developed his own algorithms (apparently in Python). This is based on his years of predicting near deaths, fatalaties and accidents in the Oil and Gas Industry. He hints that Apple historical data is part of his algorithm, but hasn’t revealed the secrets of how and why yet.

Each week, he does a one or two hours webinar on Zoom for members. After presenting the charts and his future trends for the most common 10 or 20 cryptos, the calls is opened up for questions, and people from around the world take advantage of this time. Marius has developed a clever system called “the 10 fingers system” or strategy of managing your portfolio, but it’s proprietary and we cannot reveal that here.

Bitcoin has had a very volatile trading history since it was first created in 2009. But it has been the number of one most profitable investment in that period of time, rising from penny’s to up to almost $20,000 at one point. The digital cryptocurrency has seen a lot of action in its fairly short life. Bitcoins initially traded for next to nothing. The first real price increase occurred in July 2010 when the valuation of a bitcoin went from around $0.0008 to $0.08 for a single coin. 2018 was mostly a bearish year, and 2019 has been somewhat unpredictable because of the quarantine.

While Bitcoin is the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency in the world, and is considered the most widespread and successful, the alt-coins often have the most profit in bullish times.

Cryptocurrencies are gaining wider acceptance, but still haven’t reached mass adoption. Many business are now starting to take Bitcoin. Investment companies have realized they need to provide a way for traditional stock investors to buy cryptos.